Advertisements popping up

Is it just me or are advertisement spam bots frequenting the forum more? I had to report at least three in less than 48 hours.

By advertisement spam bots, I mean:
-Creating an account solely to post advertisement
-Post includes links to pay content
-Usually involves movies from what I've seen
-Posts have multiple links that have no correlation
-Posts explicitly encouraging you to buy something
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My post was not a spam or advertisement
YellowPyramid wrote:
My post was not a spam or advertisement

Fortunately, I am not talking about yours. :)

I mean literally, new accounts with advertisements in their first posts. They go all
Buy this: link
Check out that: link
I remember a few of those in the past week.
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I havn`t actually seen any :l
I've seen several and instantly report them every time so they are removed.
@ OP: Congratulations, you are proof that the meta-moderation on this site works as designed. I've reported as many as three in a single day, they seem to come in waves and then I won't see any for a few weeks at a time. It's not just bots you understand, there are actually people out there who are doing this by hand. They get assigned a stack of message boards to post to and they get a nickel or something for every 'X' number of clicks that come from those sites. The only thing we can do is what we've been doing, have the post removed fast enough that it becomes economically unfeasible to include our board in their lists.
I've reported like 5. I did notice this.
I am like the others deleting them when ever I spot them. Majority of them are for movies like 300 or Noah.
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