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I need some advice, I really do not know where else to ask. I just received my Associates Degree in computer science from a community college. My community college does not offer a bachelors in CS, but they offer a Bachelors in Computer information Technologies(CIT) which I think is the same as CIS. If I want to get my Bachelors in CS I need to transfer to a University, this college has several articulation agreements with different state universities. I was looking at the CIT program at the college here and the courses they consist of are a lot of networking courses plus some Visual Basic courses and web design.. So my question is, this day and age don't programs (thus CS programming) require Internet/network access knowledge. If I were to pursue the CIT program Would I benefit in combining networking and programming having an AS in CS, or would it be best to pursue a bachelors in CS. What are some of your experiences when it comes to this, did any of you have to go back after your BS in CS to learn networking.

Some of the factors that hold me back from transferring are, I would have to move, I am not young anymore well I am 29, I have a transport company didn't like it, saved up money and decided to go back to school to pursue something I was interested in. I am paying out of pocket and have been investing all my money into my education. It will be difficult for me to afford it if I transfer out, but if its worth it I will transfer. I know an AS in CS is not much.

The CS courses I took for my AS we're...

C++ I
C++ II
Assembly Language

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Every job posting I have seen has requirements of "Bachelors in Computer Science or related". CIT would probably count as related. I do think CIT is more of network/system admin oriented, though. CIS is generally pretty close to CS, but opting out of a couple largely theory classes and replacing them with business, economics, communication, etc.

If the networking knowledge is something that interests you, you're gonna get that in all of the above. CS and CIS will take a pretty strong mathematical and theoretical approach to it, while CIT will probably have more hands on experience with it.
Congrats on the AS degree in CS. I'm in the middle of mine at a CC, and it doesn't matter that it's an AS, it's probably still harder than most BA's (Psychology, Sociology, Communication, etc.).

I think the hard core guys will want you to have a CS degree, because it probably tells them about how smart/hard-working you were/are if you had to go through all that math, science, etc. Overall, though, internships, experience and overall skills are more important than the difference between a CS and CIS/CIT degree.

By the way, which school do you go to? My school has finals in June. Didn't know schools finish in April, and also didn't know CC's offered bachelor degrees.
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