ITT Technical Corporation

I was being unproductive yesterday watching "The Big Valley" (or maybe "Gunsmoke") when an ITT Tech commercial came on. I believe that I saw that they have a CEO. Why does a school have a CEO? can it actually be classified as a school per say, or am I just jumping to the conclusion that they are advertising themselves as a school? Would they be an educational institution, corporation, or something-else-that-I-can't-think-of-because-I-drank-way-too-much-coffee? Maybe I just misread the commercial?
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Your read right they do have a CEO and they are classified as a for-profit technical institute and are owned by ITT Educational Services, Inc. which is a publicly traded company (Hence why they have a CEO).
To be COMPLETELY honest, I don't go to this school or any other "for-profit" school, but all I hear about when I talk to people who's son's/friends/etc. went to this school is how they got a really good paying job afterwards.
Funny, I've heard nothing but negative from for-profit schools like ITT Tech
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