Stop Skype from giving away your IP

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Hello there,

I love skype and hate it. I hate it because people can get your IP with it. I had a case before that someone DDOSed me because of skype.

It was a person hacking my friends minecraft server and I had my minecraft going through a proxy(TOR) and he sent me a request, didn`t know it was him and bam.
It was my fault to that I shouldn`t have accepted it.

So I run Linux Mint 16 and need a way to use skype through a proxy. Thank you.
A simple good returns a official response from Skype on just this subject :). Remember google is your best friend.

Also not to be rude or anything but I think you are way way to concern about your IP getting out there. I remember you posting multiple threads on this subject in the past and if you are getting DOS and DDOS (Highly unlikely for the latter) attacks against you that much you must be pissing some people off ;p.
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Thank you, I tried another one but that one didn`t work, Ill try this. Thanks you

Not pissing people off, they want op on our minecraft servers, and we say no.
so this is what they do :/
if you arent video conferencing why not just irc?
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Well most of my friends are on Skype, but I have done something since then. Changed my skype username to a different one than the one I have in game
Little Bobby Tables wrote:
if you arent video conferencing why not just irc?

Sometimes your IP is given out in IRC too.
i was just asking because it wouldnt be as heavy a process as skype
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