I hate sports and sport culture

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She's just an attractive looking woman who wanted money and fame and did what was required to get it.

Are you saying it is just a rumor, about her being a hermaphrodite.
Are you saying it is just a rumor, about her being a hermaphrodite.
Who cares even if she is intersex? Anyways, it's not even that uncommon. I am assuming you haven't taken a gender and society class?
I was pretty much saying what giblit was saying - What I said is all that matters to know.

Although, if you think about things carefully, almost everything you hear in the media about celebrities is just ill-founded conjecture, poorly researched or gross exaggeration. These people gotta sell their magazines and have people watch their news channels. ;)
BHXSpecter wrote:
Have you been spending time with Nathan2222 off site because your arguments are starting to look like his by jumping all over the place.
No, you're just the one who is clearly mentally incapable of analyzing text and summarizing it.

You are justifying why they get paid more.
Then you say it doesn't matter that they are getting paid more.
Now you appear to be trying to justify it again and blaming big business at the same time.
You're freaking pulling out the first sentence then saying that I'm saying that I'm for soldiers getting paid less than sports players, when in fact I was explaining why it is the way it is.

Read my whole flipping post.
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LowestOne wrote:
I can't even understand what you two are talking about.

Lol I don't think anyone can but those two. Basically two people that just love to argue even if the argument doesn't make sense ;p.
Well this thread exploded. I only read the first two pages before I got irritated with everyone. Disch, I agree with you on all counts. I'll leave it at that since everyone else has probably been over every point.

What I have to add, is how it's almost expected of you to be into watching sports as an American. Like you're less of a man if you don't enjoy spending your entire sunday on the couch watching football. At least where I live. I'm really tired of explaining myself everytime I say "I don't watch sports". Anymore, I kind of lose respect for someone if they're super into watching sports. It's like they're reliving their glory days or something. And before Fredbill jumps on me, yes I actually enjoy playing sports. I did all through school, and still am involved in martial arts today.
Between that and drinking (also don't partake in), it's hard to find stuff in common with other men at my age group. Maybe it's my area, but it seems like it's just another American thing.
It'd probably make more sense if BHX Specter didn't write things completely unrelated to what I was saying.
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