Mario Party Editor Idea

While looking at the fairly recent Mario Party releases I couldn't help but wonder why I have never seen a "Mario Party-like" editor made by any indie developer (I'm sure nintendo is hiding one somewhere but that doesn't count). Of course it wouldn't literally be Mario Party (hi Nintendo lawyers) but you get the general idea.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this or seen anything very similar? I am always trying to think of a fun project to work on and this seems like a good idea to me. I wonder if this is really possible though, or if it would become a kind of "Game Maker" type program due to the diversity of the mini-games and become hard for common people to use, I would prefer almost 0 programming needed by outside users.

I imagine it as a big GUI editor (Probably with QT/C++) where everyone can make minigames etc then upload them to a website and have a large community that can rate/fav. maps etc. Of course I would also create the software to play all of these maps with netplay and all of that stuff. I know in theory any 2D/3D game engine can create minigames but this would be much more specific to Mario Party type ideas.

I haven't even started on any of this right now but I would love to hear some opinions on if this is a good idea/has it been done/if anyone cares about it/if even possible etc.

Just some random idea!
I feel that it is just one of those game concepts that Nintendo and only Nintendo ever really gets right, like the whole Super Smash Bros. series. Sony tried to replicate that (Sony All-Stars Battle Royale), but it was a serious flop. I mean, it would be great to try... just don't expect to get close to what Nintendo has spent years perfecting.
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