Survey: Why you're here? + Some results

I have a survey for you guys so that you can introduce about yourselves and your... experience in programming.

Survey form:
1. Age, date of birth
2. Location //state (city), country where you're from
3. Job, career
4. Why do you program?
5. When did you start programming?
6. Why do you choose C++?
7. What do you love, hate the most about C++?
8. What programming language have you used?
9. What is your favorite programming language?
10. What job do you want most? //answer it even you already had a job, if you don't know ask yourself what job do you REALLY want
11. What are the greatest project you've ever programmed? (optional)
12. More about yourselves (optional)

I'll post mine later

Number of surveyor: 6
1. Average age: 26
- Junior: 13
- Senior: 44+
2. Origin: Various, most in Britain
3. Jobs: Various, most are students
4. Why program: Video games, fun
5. Start programming: 12 years ago average
6. Why choose C++: 'Cause it's used in makin video games
7. Love: various - Hate: not much
8. Language used: Most used Javascript, Visual Basic
9. Favorite language: C++
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1. Youngish
2. UK
3. Entertainer
4. It's interesting and fun.
5. ~10 years ago
6. I thought it was what most games were written in.
7. Love - Most stuff / Hate - Nothing
8. Some C, Python and recently JS.
9. C++
10. Sheldon Cooper's job.
11. I'm not sure what is the greatest, but I love everytime I make an AI to play some game and it starts beating my friends.

Edit: Missed Q4.
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Thanks for answering

Here's my:
1. Age: 13, December 2000
2. Hanoi, Vietnam
3. Jr. high school student.
4. 'Cause I want to make great games for myself and I gonna make the best simulation game ever on earth
5. About 6 years ago (have just been concentrating on programming for a few months)
6. 'Cause best, greatest games are written in C++
7. Love: Vectors, they're much better than arrays
Hate: Pointers, definitely but not so much since the first time I found it useful
8. SmallBasic(started with it), Visual Basic, C#, C++, Javascript, PHP //I'm not interested in programming much 'til last year 2013-2014
9. C++ recently
10. Er... game developer, of course
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1. January 93 (21 yo)
2. Melbourne Australia
3. Video game and app programmer
4. Ummm... Video games
5. During high-school, I can't remember what year
6. Because of its wide use in making video-games
7. Love: Deterministic resource handling
Hate: Is a very strong word
8. C/C++, VB, C#, lua, Java, unrealscript et. al.
9. C++
10. I wanted to be a bartender, so I took up game development
11. Ummm, largest in scope is on going my only other published game is
12. I'm quite partial to rum and whisky
1. 22
2. Kansas, US
3. CS student, sysnet admin assistant
4. I enjoy it. Someday, for money
5. High school, ~16 years old
6. I heard it was hard and that I shouldn't start there. So, I started there.
7. Love: Resource control. Hate: Nothing really.
8. C, C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, VB.NET
9. C++ or Python
10. CEO
11. Currently working on something big, it's a secret :)
12. I actually enjoy a nice social life outside of computers
closed account (EwCjE3v7)
1. Well some say I`m over 200 years old
2. Ireland
3. Student
4. It`s a hobby and would like to program for my future job
5. last year this time with Java
6. Well it`s a great language used all around, in o
7. I don`t love anything about it or hate anything
8. Java(Little), little of HTML and C++
9. All languages have their own purposes so yea
10. To work at MICRSOFT/Apple/Google.. Well anything to do with operating systems and applications
11. My own TIC TAC TOE game and Country guessing game :D
12. Love everything about computers and electricity
1. Age, date of birth:
Born late 60s
2. Location: 
3. Job, career: 
Software Developer/System Admin
4. Why do you program? 
I enjoy it
5. When did you start programming? 
Around 1981
6. Why do you choose C++? 
It was the time.
7. What do you love, hate the most about C++? 
Love its versatility, hate its size.
8. What programming language have you used? 
I've used a few
9. What is your favorite programming language? 
10. What job do you want most? 
Luthier (again)
11. What are the greatest project you've ever programmed? (optional) 
Control system and firmware for a bespoke printer
12. More about yourselves (optional): 
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