Just saying Hi.

Hi guys it has been a long time and funnily i didn't need to ask a question about programs that i write(something good or something bad. I don't know).

So i just wanted to say everyone. To remark that i am still here. :D

All right. What about you guys? How you doing?
hello. ive been doing fine. i have warcraft 3, diablo 2/3, and WoW, so im doing pretty great
Not in a straight jacket so I guess I'm good.
I suggest you to stop playing these games. I have played Dota 4 years and stopped playing 8 months ago. I feel awesome now.

It is your choice your life of course but you will be surprised when you see how much time you gained by stop playing these games.
i manage my time well enough. im gone months without playing them and there wasnt any noticable difference in my productivity. actually made me work harder at my job to get more hours to make more money to support WoW
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I dont manage my time well, just playing MW3 and Minecraft
It is very good for you @Little Bobby Tables. I was not able to control my time and playing more than 5 hours a day Dota. And after Dota 2 released i lost control totally. Some days i spent more than 10 hours.

It is like i stopped using drugs.
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Just because you have very little self control does not mean others suffer from the same problems. Many of my friends are hugely skilled and productive and yet still play games regularly.
Accepted defeat!

I should not have thought that way. Sorry. But just to remark Dota may cause high addiction.

I didnt lose control when playing other games.
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I used to play of Dota back in middle school. But I didn't have anything else to do.
Games are a great motivator :) you can use them to improve your skills instead of hampering you by using them as rewards for achievements.
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