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looking for someone at a beginner level to discuss different topics about C++
A while back a bunch of the users had a group going. I am not sure if they still are but you could try and join them.
On his profile it still says "Mantassxl3 - my skype
Invite,if you want to join C++ GROUP." So it sounds as if the group is still going unless they just never changed it.
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C++ benders is a decent group.
People still use skype? Figured that went the way of ICQ. Unfortunately, I don't know of many sites that meet the requirement, but I have been down to just this site and two other sites.
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We still have a group on skype with foxefde. If you want to join the group you can add me on skype:

id: senhor97
IRC is alive too:
Forgot about IRC. Been a year or two since I've been on it otherwise I would have recommended it. While I don't frequent IRC anymore, I think it is better than using Skype to communicate. There are also forums like this one. Outside of those I don't know what to recommend to you.
+1 for irc. i love it. that channel specifically is also great. they can answer my questions quickly. typically i dont even have to post questions here anymore
Then you are lucky. I used to be a part of two programming IRC communities and every time I asked a question I usually had to ask it repeatedly every hour til someone answered it because of how everyone would be too busy chatting about their personal lives. Main reason I left IRC almost two years ago now.
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you should give it another try. #cplusplus in case youve forgotten what the clients are some of the ones ive found good are hexchat, ircii, xchat, and kiwiirc
Yeah, I used to use Xchat and IRSSI, but I'm done with it. I used it for eleven years before I stopped using it. I started back when mIRC was considered a popular choice over Xchat.
The #cplusplus is just members from here, so it's pretty laid back. I recommend it, and I'm usually hanging out there most of the day.
I agree with ResidentBiscuit, you should look into the channel as it they are quite knowledgable.

ResidentBiscuit wrote:
The #cplusplus is just members from here, ... .

The perfect reason for me not to join. I obviously frustrate people on here so last thing they need is my frustration in real-time.
@BHX I wasn't aware you offered real-time frustration services, how much better are they than pre-recorded ones (e.g. Bieber songs)?
I've been informed in PMs that I frustrate users because of my attitude, annoy the hell out of users, and flat out piss them off. If those users are on IRC then it would be pointless to join because they would put me on ignore making me essentially talking to myself. Not really selling points for me to join. I can't make everyone happy, but I can avoid adding to their dislike for me by avoiding IRC and posting less.
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Weird, I can honestly say you've never been annoying/frustrating to me. I guess people have tendencies to interpret emotionless text as more offensive than inoffensive?
I don't mind at all. I'm not any help on the site anyways.

I think the OP would be better off just asking questions here or getting on the irc channel. With IRC, the only downside is that you would have to hope you catch someone on and that they are knowledgeable about the topic you are asking. Then, if you aren't as picky, there are always mailing lists that most shudder to join.
there was no point to that post. why did you do it?
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