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@Little Bobby Tables
What do you mean?
@Little Bobby Tables
Just ignore me.
Come on now. What's the deal.

pm me.
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He is either in school and busy or only did that one post with no interest in actually taking part in the site. He very well could just be looking for Skype users to team up with. How else do you explain that this thread was his only post and not been here for three days now?
Ignore this post.
What it do.
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My friend and I have started learning and programming with C++ about a month ago. We skype nearly every evening and learn new things and then explain them to each other.

It's a pretty fast way of learning so far.

Plus we take breaks and game it up.

If interested shoot me a message on here with your skype name.

Only problem with beginners helping beginners is that you have no guarantee that any misunderstanding one has will be caught and explained properly by the other beginner. You need to find someone that is experienced to join you so that you aren't misunderstanding something and then compounding it by the other person explaining it, but explaining it from yet a second wrong point of view.
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