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Lachlan Easton wrote:
I'd argue that Skyrim is about as massive an escape from reality as you can get.

This. I was actually going to use Skyrim as an example of how unrealistc games are.

The only thing realistic in that game are the graphics and speech. Everything else is either extremely exaggerated to be more fantastic -- or is blatant, outright fiction/fantasy.

LB wrote:
Skyrim, and many others. Like I said, my use of the word "realistic" is very different from my use of the word "real". There are dragons in Skyrim, but dragons aren't real - even so, they are pretty realistic dragons.

So it sounds to me like you're saying realistic graphics = realistic games?

On a side note.... I started playing Dark Souls 2 about a week ago. It makes Skyrim look like a pathetic game for babies. And I loved Skyrim.
> realistic dragons

> Like I said, my use of the word "realistic" is very different from my use of the word "real"
I don't understand why are you taking so much time to post your definition.
Considering the topic of this thread, I would assume that LB meant realistic graphics all along. That is one 'accepted' (in some circles) definition of 'realistic'. Don't you just love the intricacies of slang combined with the English language in general...

As for actually 'real' games, the most real games I have ever come across are certain racing games, such as Gran Turismo or Forza. Really the only thing that they have non-realistic elements to are crash simulations (and maybe the process of actually getting and having cars, though that isn't much of a stretch).
Red orchestra 2 is a quite a realistic ww2 shooter. I has implemented such features as weapon bracing, bullet drop, supression and cover fire, and getting shot by a rifle is generally a kill except if they shoot you in say the foot. Also things like having to check magazines for ammo left, or in the case of rifles I generally just count my shots. Also the mgs and anti tank weapons get deployed and barrels require changing if they get too hot. Snipers and long range weapons have adjustable sights. These are just some of the features.
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Flight simulators are realistic. Most old-school Sim games are realistic, SimAnt, SimFarm, SimLife.

A newer game, Banished, looks ( and I don't mean graphics ) realistic, though I have never played it.
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