looking for coding partner

hello, as the title states im looking for coding partner. I do a lot of coding as a hobby.

About me:

I am comfortable with the following languages:
c++, php, mysql, css, html, javascript

I have 2 unfinished game projects:
1) a 2D platformer. basically where i try to make a game like Super mario world(SNES) into a game like Diablo II. with skill trees, item drops, gear and such.
2) 2.5D / Isometric Zombie survival game. Focus on survival and exploration rather than mass zombie slaying.

The above are in C++ with SDL (2D sprite library kind of thing)

And i got some websites up. one of which gets me 30-60 dollars a month from adsense, its about sentences and translations / language learning.

So basically im in to making games and or websites

Who im looking for:

Hopefully now you have a general idea of my level. Basically i'm looking for someone to partner with on the various projects like the above and or new ones i'm always starting (and rarely finishing) lol. I think one of the main reasons i'm losing my drive mid project is because im doing it all by myself.

I don't mind if you are somewhat behind me in level. I think its more important that our interests are similar.

this person would be considered a 50% partner, as in, if money ever gets made with the said project we would split it 50-50. Of course that also means 'if' expenses happen to be involved those must also be shared 50-50, lol.
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I think I am behind you, I am also code for hobby stuff.

coding a comic downloader to read
( because my internet is too slow to load comic book pages at real time )
and comic reader to open those pages at localhost

I've abandon many game projects with friends and not. Things just doesn't work out. Perhaps me and my friend have too much expectation about each others' skills.

I once tried SDL before, it's hard to use ( for me ) so I move to using SFML because I am only planning to go fully 2D but in the end that project go abandoned too.
Currently, working on a game in JavaScript ( nodejs )

Perhaps tell more about your game, I might be interesting.
as for money, I don't have any right now so I cannot guarantee I can cover any expense....
As for the expenses, i really dont see any in the near future. if were talking about one of the games as a project, the only expense i can imagine is a 10$/year domain name to host the games download, info and a forum maybe. And that would only be when its pretty much finished.

which of the two game i mentioned sounds more interesting to you? Maybe i didn't give enough info to really choose. As for the zombie game imagine maps like in the sims 1, but larger, like towns, high rise 13 floor apartments. your the soul survivor of the zombie Apocalypse, you go around finding food, amo, weapons, supplys, set up a home base in some house you find. But not hordes of zombies around every turn, more of a suspense kind of feel, i was thinking even have a fog of war.

I have got a pretty good start on the level editor/creator for this already. im 'stealing' all the sprites "walls, house appliances, funature" right from the sims 1.

as for the 2d platformer , image super mario world with skills, gear and items and such.

this one would probably be easier over all, but i feel like it would be a waist for it not to be multiplayer.

anyway, if either seems like you'd be interested to join in give me your email or facebook or something and we can go from there.
I am a professional programmer although on a entrepreneur level. I do not prefer to work under anybody's authority & hence renounced my 2 job offers, one from HP as an embedded software developer & the second one is from a software development company called Eltima.
During my engineering I worked in so many liaisons like

I worked in ISRO(Indian Space & Research Organization) equivalent to NASA in US as an embedded testing environment developer

I helped a laboratory called DRDO(Defence Research & development Organization) & DKOP Labs in writing Linux device drivers on different distributions

My final year project was Design of an Emulator in C++ to mimic/emulate the hardware performance on software

I have also helped one of friend to design a web page & now I am planning to build a website to help student in programming on different level computer programming language to help the poor but enthusiastic student help learning programming for free. The most probable web page URL name be www.code.ms & it will be ready in the month of November.

At present I am working on a Embedded Operating System on ARM cortex series.

Now talking from the point that bearing the half expenditure, I am completely zealous about it.

Let me share something very important with you now. I am new in game programming, but I am well experienced in advanced programming. So if you can give me some tutorial or something, I can pick it up very fast (within few weeks) & then I can help & we can engender an eloquent collaborative work.
Now I love the idea of the zombie game of yours. It actually shows that you are trying to make something out of the box & more interested in something puzzle-like or Maze-like games rather simply mass zombie slayer to boost scores. This idea can be innovative as there are very few games like this.
Please reply if you are interested.

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Yes I would be quite interested to work with you. I can send you the whole project file of what I have so far and or the tutorial site i used to learn SDL. I just wonder, at your level of coding experience, I hope my code writing style and habits dont upset you. PM me your email or FB or something.
If it is not too late I am interested in becoming a partner. While I am not a professional my goal is the same as yours. I am comfortable in the following languages: C++, html, and CSS. I am taking a computer science class next year and we are actually going to learn Java so that is one language I will be comfortable soon. My goals for now is to actually finish my games (I have a terminal game but I haven't gotten around to finish it yet), my life goal is to create an Operating System. I know that is far fetched but I have a couple books about Operating Systems and Operating system theories and I have made a couple test Operating Systems (no where near as useful to be used everyday). I actually am now starting my own business that is basically an online program store and there is also a service that we create personalized programs for people who request. So, if you already partners with Sobo we could have a 3 person partnership. If you are interested I can send an extreme rough draft of my business plan and if you aren't interested no worries!
Hi, nolanri.
Your post called my attention. I am one year old at c/c++, but I learned Fortran, and other things during Under'g. I do physics, like for living, you could actually check my papers, ;). So, my point is I am a real person( This far I can only presume you are :) . If you believe in posting such request and that people will reply, then you are someone I want to work with.

So, I see you might be a very advanced(all-pc-stuff) guy. Yet, I am not crap myself. I did/do others things, such as, Plasma physics, Fusion related research, complex systems and such. Also, I can do programming as well, and I enjoy mostly going through many things among them html, css, etc. I also learned some MPI and well HPC overall really.

I was reading the SDL, SFML, OpenGL documentation; looking for more info here when I came across your post, so here I am not really knowing what I am doing writing to you.

If you want, you could give a contact info like add-me on fcbk or skype, then we could talk whether should/could we help/collaborate/enjoy/sleepless/laugh together.

I like to stress always how important is for me that "we do things for fun people" really love to mess with things around, which is the key for a healthy relation. Anyone can learn what's needed with time.

ok, bye. I could receive an email at haradkadur@gmail.com
i am good at web dev things.
i am new to c++, i have just started learning c++ sdl2, might be not much of help
Is your code open source?
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