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Guess I won't be quoting posts as often...

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Dear EssGeEich, please become a chrome developer and submit it to the chrome web store or something, please :)
what does that addon do again?
I Wish I could put it on the chrome web store for free.
What is wrong with simply entering the tag manually? I don't bother using the buttons or any extensions.
To be honest, I'm starting to agree more and more with these measures. I've seen a severe lack of understanding and care whenever it comes to online security by a majority of people. Not to be rude but I daresay that most people are stupid whenever it comes to things like adding extensions and what not.
What is wrong with simply entering the tag manually?
Nothing is wrong with it, but clicking one button to quote an entire post is certainly easier.
How much does it cost to publish on the chrome store? Maybe some of us that use the extension could donate a few bucks (I'm willing).
@naraku: It costs a fee to offer things in the Chrome web store, I guess to try and make it harder for malicious people. I don't remember if the fee is one time, monthly, or yearly.

@MiiNiPaa: That does not work. The enable button is still greyed out for me even with the command line switch.
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A one-time developer registration fee of US$5.00 is required to verify your account and publish items.

But really, is such a little extension worth 5 USD? I'd rather give the extension to another "verified" user.
Heh, it won't even let me register to be a developer otherwise I'd be more than happy to publish it for LB to continue to use.

[EDIT] Didn't realize it had me logged in under a different email. Though, I'm now considered a developer, don't know of anything I would actually develop seeing as I'm not too picky on things so long as I can do what I need.
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Now, what is the chance of you sticking it on the Opera extensions market? https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/ is the link, click the developer drop-down to make an account. Free, completely and absolutely.
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Wow, thanks BHX! I really appreciate that, I'll have to make it up eventually.

It's not twicker-approved, but it's close enough:
what does this addon do?
Don't mention it.

Free, but you have to wait for a couple of days to see if they approve it. I'm waiting for them to approve it.

@Little Bobby Tables
It adds a Quote button and Code-ize button to the posts. It makes it so I just have to click the Quote button to get your post's quote:
Little Bobby Tables wrote:
what does this addon do?

Code-ize makes the post you click on appear as a preview and as though you put CODE tags around the whole thing. They are handy.
ah... its a shame i use firefox now
Thanks, BHX. I was about to send you the crx, but i see you handled it on your own pretty well.
Firefox version when?
Firefox version when?

i dont understand the question chrisname
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