Spyrix provides free keylogger software

Let's fix this comment so nobody gets the wrong idea.
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Original context is gone. Was a satirical post noting how stupid the logic of advertising a keylogger for your spouse is.
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What kind of failure of a human being would pull something like that?
*sweats nervously*
@ helios: You mean log their spouses keystrokes? I agree, it is a shady thing to do even during divorce proceedings. You'd think they would target a larger market that would need this kind of service more; like government sector employee's with access to financial information or even just sell straight to PI's.
what if you suspect your so of cheating on you?
Then you ask them. The longer a couple is together the worse they are at lying to each other. It's a combination of the liar feeling stressed and the other person learning their tells.
what if they get good at lying though?
Then that's not a relationship you should necessarily be staying in regardless of whether or not there's cheating going on.

what if you dont know they are lying.

also, sidenote: computergeek you should get back on irc. i couldnt talk cause my boss was helping me atm
Then you have no reason to violate their privacy. Not that you really did in the first place.

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