C++ learning recommendation?

Hello, everyone. I am completely new to these forums. I am very new to C++, basically last-week type of new.

In short, my problem is it seems the amount of teaching materials and tutorials for C++ are as vast as the language itself. I'd like a recommendation of a .pdf or something similar to learn C++? The reason I don't simply use the website is because I'm offline a lot, and it has to be that way for a while.

Also, I'd like to meet some people, get to know who posts here, see the norm of the forum, because every forum has un-written etiquette that seems to alter the rules a little :) ; so tell me how you learned and how long it took to become semi-sufficient and have a good understanding of C++.

Thanks in advance.
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First, this should probably go in the lounge - you can edit your post and move it there.

As for how to learn C++, there is an old version of the tutorial on this site here: http://www.cplusplus.com/files/tutorial.pdf . You could also purchase a book if you wanted too, there are a number of good books around. I personally never used any to learn C++ (I have only ever looked at two books on programming), so I don't know what are good ones to recommend.

As for etiquette, read the rules. Actually follow them and the other guidelines. Be polite. That's about it really.

As for me learning C++, I learnt it by quickly skimming through a few tutorials to get an idea of the syntax, and then looking at projects other people have written. I learn by example, and when I learnt I felt it would be better that way. As for how long it took to become 'semi-sufficient', depends what you mean. I felt I had a basic handle on the language in about 3 weeks, and then spent all the time from then learning how I was wrong :)

I'd say I'm fairly decent with it know, as in I know the syntax like the back of my hand and know fairly well the strengths and limitations of the language, but I'm not exactly amazing yet. That's the thing I like about programming: There is always more to learn.

Anyway, good luck, try to keep motivated, have fun, etc. etc. etc. You know.
Hello GingerDolphin and welcome.

GingerDolphin wrote:
I am very new to C++, basically last-week type of new...I'd like a recommendation of a .pdf or something similar to learn C++?
Do you have any programming experience? I ask because there is a subtle difference between learning programming with C++ and learning to program in C++.

If you have no experience programming then a book like Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup would probable make a good starting point.

if you have some experience and are learning C++ as a new language then a book like C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman et al would probable be better.
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Okay, I'll move it. I like how simple the rules here are, most other places are 20 page essays on human psychology and they expect the users to read through it and know it like they know their abc's.

Thank you for being polite. If everyone here is like you, then maybe I won't be criticized for my large -- albeit very ambitious -- goals.
In reply to Grey Wolf...
Well, actually only if you consider Batch to be *experience.*

Thanks, I'll check out Soustrup's book. I'm not sure if smiley faces are bad, but until I'm told it isn't, :). Thank you for the help, and have a nice day.
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I you are going to go with Soustrup's book then go with the second edition. However I didnt like a few things about the book.

It said that we wont waste your time and then the next 50 pages are about rubbish. Which is kinda stupid. I dont know if its just me, but I didnt like how it tackled it. I however like C++ Primer 5th edition as it gets to the point but it isnt for beginners to programming.

So thats why I mixed stroustrups book with primer.

Btw there is an edit button so if you like to post agaun but the last post is urs then u can use that
GingerDolphin: There's a book called Jumping into C++ that's pretty good. You can pick it up at it-ebooks.info.
I'll give my usual answer, read these books in this order:
1) Programming Practices and Principles Using C++ 2nd Edition
2) C++ Primer 5th Edition
3) The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference
4) The C++ Programming Language (as a reference)

Reasons for my recommendations:
1) Is a book designed to help you learn to program (if you have never programmed before) using C++ as a tool. It is also the intro course book for several degrees at Texas A&M University. Not to mention it is written by Bjarne Stroustrup himself.

2) The usual recommendation for Beginner C++, but that phrase is a little misleading. It isn't a book for someone who as never programmed, but rather a book for a programmer who is experienced in another language and looking to learn C++ now. It covers C++ more in-depth.

3) Covers the standard library in-depth.

4) I recommend this purely as a reference book. It too is written by Bjarne Stroustrup. You can certainly read it cover to cover if you like, but it makes a better reference than a book about learning due to its technical nature.

Xp3rtHamm0r wrote:
It said that we wont waste your time and then the next 50 pages are about rubbish. Which is kinda stupid. I dont know if its just me, but I didnt like how it tackled it.

That books is aimed at a complete beginner (ie never programmed a day in their life) so the 50 pages of rubbish is designed to 1) show that computers are everywhere, even in places some beginners may not have considered a computer, 2) show different areas where software is used, 3) just some of the different fields and things you can do as a programmer. Then it starts teaching techniques and skills using C++ as the tool to teach it through.
Xp3rtHamm0r wrote:
So thats why I mixed stroustrups book with primer.

That is terrible because the books are aimed at two completely different audiences. Stroustrup's book is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before. C++ Primer is aimed at programmers that have never used C++ before, but are experienced in another language.
the prince wrote:
GingerDolphin: There's a book called Jumping into C++ that's pretty good. You can pick it up at it-ebooks.info.

Or he can save money, and not get it through questionable means by simply going to Cprogramming.com and reading the tutorials. Jumping into C++ is nothing more than that site's tutorials in physical book form.
He said he needs online content for learning C++
Why don't you just download the cplusplus tutorial as pdf?
Then he is cheating himself as the books I mentioned cover programming and C++ more than any online resource can.
That is actually a excellent list

You get introduced to C++ as a newcomer
Then get more content from an intermediate book(C++ Primer)
Then introduced to the C++ standard library facilities
And a reference by the creator of C++

BMX can i ask you a question i always wanted to have a read of C++ primer but i couldn't because the sale_item.h never used to work and never compiled when i included it in my program
How would I got about fixing this?

I can recall the exact error code but it said something like "MainCRT ........."
I did have a point in the compiler for C++11 as the class uses some of the new standard features

Thank you and GingerDolphin follow the list BMX has given
Assuming Windows, but what compiler? Usually it is just a matter of making an empty project and including Sales_item.h in your project. Without knowing the exact error I can't really comment because I don't recall ever getting a MainCRT compiler or linker error, but I have seen that error for running an executable (which usually means you are missing the required system files or local files (usually DLLs)).

If you are absolute on having online C++ references, all the books I mentioned are available in kindle ebook form. The kindle has a free online reader that you can install on Windows and Linux (I read my books through the Chrome Web Browser while coding).
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GNU GCC Compiler

#include "Sales_item.h"
#include <iostream>
int main ()

    std::cout << "It says no such files or directory" <<std::endl;
    std::cout << "I have a point in C++11 iso " <<std::endl;
    return 0;


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I agree with giblit, but even if you made a new thread my advice would be the same. If you can't figure how to include another person's header file into your projects, then you aren't going to get far in programming when you need to use other libraries that aren't part of the standard.
Sorry ill make my own thread
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