How to learn programming for Unity3d

I have done programming for c++ and am currently learning to code in java it's been almost a week , my main aim is to make an app for android using unity3d platform , the problem is i don't have enough information .
1-Should i learn coding for java first
2-Unity3d uses javascript for coding , is java and javasript any different moreover should i just learn javasript before java
3-There other tutorials which are specifically for android development , with emulator software , should my first step be learning this or learn java at breadth (I know java's basic)
4-Is it instead better not to use Unity3d platform and develop an app using java IDE and packages
1- You don't need Java for Unity3D
2- As the saying goes, Java is to Javascript as cars are to carpet. They are different languages.
3- Unity does the exporting to android apps itself. Apps made in Unity are (for most cases) fully portable without you having to touch system specific code.
4- How long is a piece of string?
Apps made in Unity are (for most cases) fully portable without you having to touch system specific code.
Are you sure don't you need to well enough or just know some intermediary skill in javascript or c# to make an app using unity3d .
They are different languages.

Yes they are i know but what i don't know do they resemble is it a good idea to jump into javascript if you don't know java or they are entirely different , the name sounds pretty similar.
the name sounds pretty similar
Don't be misled. that's where the similarity ends.

If you need to learn javascript, then learn javascript. Getting distracted by some other unrelated language would be wasted effort.
All my weeks efforts gone to waste :( Now i need to learn javascript from scratch , I don't want let my efforts go to waste again this time i will instead learn C# , it's also part of my course in collage and unity3d can use c# as well and i know c++ too , does c++ and c# have some resemblance to ease my way through tutorial
C# and C++ share pretty much the same feature set. The syntax is pretty similar you just need to learn the specifics.
car and carpet sound pretty similar
C# and C++ share pretty much the same feature set? Don't you mean C# and Java?
Thank you that's a relief now i figured it out am going to learn Unity3d without prior knowledge of c# and java and will figure out the syntax when going through it .
Don't you mean C# and Java?

No kbw i have been doing c++ since 2 years and java for more than a week , haven't touched javascript at all .
Thank you all for your help
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Think he was referring Lachlan Easton's post.

Yah they aren't really that similar, any C# programmer who's never used C++ before will most likely try and use the new operator in the same manner, thus creating memory leaks. No RAII either, Java and C# are more much more similar than C++ and Java/C#.
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C sharp is a easy language to learn IMHO. Unity has several tutorials and good documentation on their features. (the most important to me is the references to the unity engine classes) Here is a list of c sharp tutorials too
Sorry, I could have worded that less controversially. C# and C++ have a large enough intersection of features to make it fairly simple to pick one up after learning the other. Oh, and you may find this useful
It always amuses me how some people just give advice without anything to back up what they're saying.

EDIT: Wow, the post that this refers to was deleted. :/
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By the way no one else mentioned this but, the "javascript" that unity uses isn't the same as javascript for websites and stuff it is a different language that many people call "unityscript."
There is a way to use c++ with unity as well. It's a workaround involving plugins.

This method works only on the pro version I think. However, there's also a method for doing this on the free version

the free version method might not work though.
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