tools for web development?

I'm very new to web development, just some basic stuff with php, css, javascript, c++, and python. I will soon be needing a website to host my projects and to show off to potential employers. I was wondering if someone has tried any of these tools? or if they know of any others that they can recommend?
cakephp, django (thats what its called right?), rails, and wordpress. thank you for your time! is a host. The only one I've had experience with at least....
If you want to build a portfolio, I highly recommend using GitHub and Git version control.
@AceDawg, it is, but its expensive. @Albatross actually showed me a good one.
@IwishIKnew, github isnt for building portfolios... if i wanted to do that i would use or linked in. I do use git (and github), but i use it for projects
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