Anyone here excited for Destiny? I'm just waiting for the beta to come out at 10:00am PDT.
I think it looks cool. I'm a big fan of Bungie, though I was a little disappointed that it has such a Halo feel. I mean, I love Halo, but I was expecting something a little different from Bungie. Nevertheless, I am pretty excited for it.
This is the only thing I could think of when you said Destiny:
Anyone here want a ps3 destiny beta code? I have 2 because I used one of the 3 bungie gives for pre-ordering.
Can I have it?
Sure. Ill pm you it.
Just sent it. Ps Store < Redeem Code <Code
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I have 2 because I used one of the 3 bungie gives for pre-

Does that mean you still have another (minus the one you just gave away)? If you do i'll take it with gratitude :P.
I still have one. Sending the pm.
Not sure the big deal. Looks like a better version of Halo with RPG elements. Multiplayer doesn't entice me as anything new (although there's probably not much more you can do with a first person multiplayer). Not saying I wouldn't buy it... but I've seen a bit of hype over this game that I can't seem to justify.
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Anyone have a ps4 code? Spare?


Question, I have PS+ do I get it for free? Will see once I get on my PS4
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