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Unreal Tournament 2004 and Minecraft... and only if I'm not at work, not at school, not doing homework, and not practicing my C++ skillz... that usually means 10 minutes of my week is gaming... I miss being 12 years old.... - siiiiggghh -
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I play a lot of games, but lately I've found that the only two games that can really hold my attention now a days are Starbound and Earthbound (Mother 2). Other games I either get bored with, or they make me want to start programming lol.

Edit: I also play Animal Crossing New Leaf so my town doesn't fall apart... Same thing goes for Tomodachi Life. I love those games, but lately I've only had time to do quick check ups on them haha.
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I don't really play much games because I have only few hours to sit in the computer around 4 hours daily, so I try to make use of them and I also found I tend to get hooked when playing and can't stop to start learning (self-taught programmer) another reason is that I don't have a computer that can run these days games, but I have a ps3 and own a few games on it about 5 games which I completed most of them.

The bottom line is that I don't get to play a lot so I have time to code.
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