Legal Prostitution

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There are other solutions (possibly better solutions then the way prostitution is typically handled in the US), but it would be a mistake to assume the UK solution is pro-prositution.
gms508 wrote:
I would suggest that you talk to either people who frequent prostitutes or better yet talk to some prostitutes before you form an opinion about whether or not it is a victimless profession.

I take that suggestion sincerely.

I don't think I've some to any conclusions about what I think. I may have presented arguments for one side, but only because I have the slightest, tiniest bit of knowledge about what that side is.

The main 'pro-prostitution' argument in my mind is that legalization or decriminalization would make the men/women who sell themselves safer.

I wouldn't say that these are links to pro-prostitution organization sites, but they are prostitution support sites:

Pro-prostitution? Organizations that are pro-prostitution are those that make money off of it (whatever name they call it by). Why are you obsessed with it whether something is pro- or anti-prostitution? There are people that are pro and anti just like there are organizations that are pro and anti, they don't have to voice their opinion or be open on their preference.
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