guidance needed !!

Hello my friends,
It's been a few months since i started to learn programming in c/c++, I followed harvard's cs50 open course ( at ) step by step and i solved all the problems sets, at least their standard edition, in C. then i studied the tutorial on this site, and i think i pretty much understood most of it. I know that the next logical step is to gain some experience, but i don't know how to do that exactly. i tried to adopt and study an opensource project on github, but most of them where overwhelming or uninteresting. I've recently started to learn Opengl, thats because i want to do scientific visualization/simulation in future. I thought it would be best if i study a good open source project (in pure C++) until i gain enough opengl knowledge, and then start working on my own idea's.

So, what are some good projects that can help me gain some oo C++ experience ?
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