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I have been programming for a long time now about 2 years so I got the language down then I went onto hacking, hacking in singeplayer was really easy for me and I could catch on, like change item value or you know, what everyone wants to do in a game.

Then I tried my programs on a server (This was a minecraft server) and I noticed that when I input a new value it changes but then rapidly changes back, I read about this and I did sockets before, and I reminded myself that the server and client send data to each other, which then cuts off my hack, I was just wondering if there was a way to send a packet or other ways of changing the value of and item, with a server (No singleplayer)

Include links and tutorials if you can, anything helps
Thanks you.
While I'm sure you could find a way to modify packets being sent to the server to crash it or somehow give yourself an advantage (such as a lag effect by halting network traffic briefly, effectively allowing you to move while you appear frozen to other players then spontaneously move to another location) you won't be able to alter much of the gameplay without hosting your own server. The server stores the states of all clients and the clients essentially just give the server player input to work with (while using what is called client side prediction to make things seem instantaneous to you). You could attempt to alter the "input" your client version sends to the server to give yourself items and the like, but the server will most likely determine that your data isn't valid. Hosting your own server will make modding the multiplayer similar to modding the single player, in essence. I don't have any links for you, but I'm sure you can find modding communities for most games easily enough.
The point of using server client communication is that the server is always right and the server always has the one       Of course, if the server doesn't disallow something,
true correct view of what's going on. The client is just being streamed a copy of what the server says is correct. No        you can get away with it.
individual client can do something unless the server makes it so.
I suggest browsing hackforums, they have numerous tutorials from hacking to monitizing
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