This has always been a struggle for me

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I know I'm not the only one with this problem, if you don't have this problem you are very lucky. I have a hard time getting up from bed, I set my alarm at 7 am. But it's impossible for me to get out of bed. It's extremely hard, that I avoid the alarm by hitting snooze and go back to sleep. I realize this is not healthy at all. I get 9 to 10 hours of sleep every day. I feel so exhausted everyday, any ideas why? I live an active lifestyle, go to the gym, walk my dog everyday. I even eat very healthy, and only drink water, not juice because it's high in sugar.
Set your alarm at a distance that requires you to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Also set it to not play the same sound every day. Should help, at least for a while.
If it's anything like me, then it's about sleep cycles. More sleep is not necessarily better, but I found by repeated (accidentally) sleeping for only 7 hours rather than my usual 8 that I woke up much less tired in the morning. I'd suggest setting your alarm to allow yourself different amounts of sleep, see if you wake up feeling better, then try that amount again.
If nothing else, I'd guess it's because you find something unsavory about your job. Something that makes you think, "man it's such a bother to get to work this morning, why bother" or something like that.
9-10 hours sleep is probably too much.

If you feel rough when your alarm 'wakes' you, try moving the time forward by 10 minutes or so. This will hopefully wake you in a light sleep phase and you should find it easier to get up.
My issue is motivation. If I know I have college classes, I have no issue getting out of bed. But, if it's the weekend, there's no alarm in the world that will wake me up.
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Do you think the reason why I feel so tired is because I'm going to bed really late due to college Homework? I go to bed around 1:45 am or sometimes 2:30 am. And my college classes do not start until 12 in noon. Yeah I know what you mean LB.
My issue is motivation. If I know I have college classes, I have no issue getting out of bed. But, if it's the weekend, there's no alarm in the world that will wake me up.

I'm the exact opposite. If I know I have to get up, I have trouble sleeping and waking up is really hard.

But if I know I can sleep in, I sleep like a baby and am up at the crack of dawn.
I'm pretty much the opposite. When I wake up in the morning I have no trouble getting up and out of bed. I've always been a morning person. Yeah, I think your issue is going to bed a 2am...
As for me, it's pretty much random. I'll sleep anywhere between 3 and 14 hours, with no discernible pattern, even when graphed over several weeks.
I have basically the same issue, and have since I could remember. Even though I've been getting up to be somewhere between 8-9 every morning for the past 5ish years, I am still dead tired every morning and snooze for an hour. Even having the alarm clock across the room doesn't help. I've read that some people just aren't morning people no matter what they do. If I go to bed at midnight and wake up 8 AM, I'm just fine. I feel rested and don't have to snooze, in fact I usually wake up naturally around that time. If I go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 6:30, I feel like I didn't sleep and end up snoozing until the last possible moment.

I do enjoy my job, I enjoyed my last job, I enjoyed going to class. It's just this overwhelming sensation of my body telling me to keep sleeping every morning. The best solution I've had is set an alarm on my phone and set an alarm on my alarm clock for 10 minutes after my phone goes off. Phone alarm gently gets me at least partially woken up, then I know I have 10 minutes to get up and turn off my loud alarm clock before it wakes up my girlfriend. It makes me get out of bed sort of on my own terms. I'm still really tired for a good 20 minutes, but at least I'm up being productive.
If you're sleeping 9-10 hours a day and find it really hard to get out of bed then I think you should see a doctor. You might have mono or depression ( to name a couple common causes) or something else.

Good luck,

I generally find that if I sleep 11-12 hours my body will just force me to wake up automatically without an alarm and I won't be able to fall asleep until I get tired again.
Everyone's sleep cycle differs. Probably confers a selective advantage: if members of a tribe all slept at exactly the same times, for the same amount of time, and were in the stages of deep sleep at the same time, it would be easier for predators and rival tribes to sneak up on them at night.
One thing I've seen that helps is setting multiple alarms at intervals of 5-10 mins around the main alarm. This way, the first alarm that rings does kinda piss you off, but by the third or fourth you end up getting up, grudgingly maybe, but yeah.
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