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Help me choose between both of these Universities please? :)

Greetings everyone,
it's boring old me again, I always visit this forum whenever I am in need for an advice from intelligent and open-minded people; like the ones on this forum :) Long story short, I have received a letter of admission from one of Russia's finest universities, and that's "St Petersburg Polytechnical university" which is a recognized Russian and world-wide leader in the field of higher engineering and economic education. I also received a letter of admission from a university in Lithuania, it is the 2nd best university in Lithuania and it's named "Kaunas university of technology". I want to study software engineering and both of these universities are amazing, I just don't know which one I should attend, any advice you guys could give me that could help me narrow things down a bit? Thanks =)
Look up the professors teaching at both schools, see what their area(s) of expertise are. Choose whichever interests you the most if you're indecisive about the university and housing and food and all that. I would choose Russia because vodka. But in all seriousness, do some research into each school's specialty, and maybe a suicide report or crime rate search wouldn't hurt either. Then go from there.
If at all possible, visit both universities. That's the only way to really get a sense of the culture there. Pick the one where you will be happiest.
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