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Uninstall Win10 apps that don't have "uninstall" and also the AppStore itself

Hey guys, I imagine there's plenty of people who want this just like me and thought I'd share... Hope it may help some people


P.S. Yes I've tried it myself and now I think my version of Win10 is just slightly better than everyone elses XD
Has anyone tested whether the removal of the default apps creates any issues when you create a new user? I know that there were problems in Windows 8 when you did something similar.
Because obviously it was just an oversight to not have an uninstall option, and doing something unsupported will in no way cause issues further down the line.

Let's wait and see what happens to the people who do this. Don't be an early bricker.
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If removing any of those apps causes problems then Windows is confirmed shittest operating system in the universe.
In Windows 8, it would cause... I forget whether it actually caused outright crashes, but there were serious problems if you forcibly uninstalled the "default apps" that came with the OS that couldn't be uninstalled normally because they would be automatically installed for all new users regardless of whether they existed.

So don't put it past them.
Uninstalling Internet Explorer for one thing is a very bad move, as 90% of applications with an embedded browser (dropbox login, google drive login, one drive login, visual studio login, .chm help files, etc) depend on it.

All I know is: if there isn't a supported way to do it, that means lazy developers will assume it can't be done.
I uninstalled the "Get Office 365" program in W10, which kept randomly popping up messages for no reason telling me to get it. It seemed to have reinstalled itself after, maybe as a product of a forced update? Not sure why Microsoft is forcing updates, even with some setting changes to allow you control to manually download and update. A fullscreen message covers the entire screen from time to time with the only button which you have to press "get updates". Which then brings you to the normal Windows Update window where you would press the "download and install updates" button.

I would imagine they're doing it because they've got tired of people not upgrading because they don't want what's new, or different people having different versions. After all, if everyone has the same version of Windows, then it should be easier for Microsoft, because they don't have to worry about some people having certain things and other people not having them. What's annoying is when they release forced updates that haven't been well tested.
What's annoying is when they release forced updates that haven't been well tested.

That's exactly the issue with not letting people choose when to update. There might very well be a broken update, and there already has been with Windows 10.

I don't know what you mean by same version of Windows, W10 Vs. W7? Updates don't really change the version, other than service packs maybe. They also don't usually add new features, i've read W10 is suppose to be the last Windows version though. So maybe they want people to be forced to get updates so they add annoying messages to pay $50 for an upgrade similar to Mac OS X upgrades.
I purely meant that if they're going to add new features, they want to make sure everyone has them so they don't have to cater for people who don't.
I just want to tell about incident with Windows 8 which turned me off and made me really hate "mandatory updates":

In anticipation of long three days train trip and two weeks without reliable internet access I decided to update my roommate laptop whch she bought a week earlier, so it would not try to hog all bandwitch in whichever cafe she would find free wi-fi. I did it, checked, everything seems to be working fine. I helped to bring luggage to the train and, 5 minutes before departure, she askd to tun on some movie and show where they are. I clicked random video file and saw a message: "Windows Media Player need to be updated". And a button: "Update now". No way to postpone update, nothing. Luckily I had a flash drive with sane player, and I managed to install it in remaining 5 minutes.

So any software which thinks that it knows better when I need to update (aside from critical ones: I do not mind online banking not working and demanding an update because there is a secuirty vulnerability in this version; or those which cannot work without latest version by design: messengers obviously cannot work without update when protocol changes), and refusing to work when I want it, is not likely to be used by me.
Windows 10 doesn't refuse to let you use it if you don't update it.
That's true. It usually just updates itself for you unless your have the non-free version.
On a win 7 laptop one of those windows driver updates broke the WiFi, luckily I managed to manually install the old driver and hide that update in future... but their could be far worse cases.

As for uninstalling core programs, you can actually disable Internet explorer easier than getting rid of these apps even though so much relies on it. You can reinstall all these if need be any I can say that so far I've not seen any problems since posting and I've removed everything apart from the calculator
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