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Fastest way to send data between computers

Hello, I'm just wondering what would be the fastest way to make 2 programs communicate if the computers are on the same network and could be connected with any sort of cable?

For example the time required for a message to be sent + acknowledgment would be a minimum? Also, what would be the time order (ms, ┬Ás, etc)?
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Do you want to maximize throughput or minimize latency?
The first goal would be to minimize latency, but wouldn't maximizing throughput do the same thing since the messages would be sent faster?
Not necessarily. Imagine a connection that can always transmit data in full duplex at 1 Gbps, no matter the distance. Dumping the string "PING" into this connection will always take 32 nanoseconds. If the opposite end of the connection is 1 m away, then the "PONG" response can never arrive sooner than 32*2+3.33*2 ns. If it's at the antipodes, the response will instead take at least 62.8*2 ms. Increasing the bandwidth tenfold in the first case will significantly reduce the latency. Not so in the second case.
On the other hand, if the message is significantly large compared to the latency of the connection, increasing the bandwidth does reduce the effective latency of the whole system.

So, which should be optimized depends on how large what you want to send is, and how far you want to send it.
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The messages would be short and sent frequently to a computer that is just next to the main.
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Then the fastest method is a UDP connection. The latency should be roughly equal to the ping.
YEah UDP unless your being hypothetical in which case light
What do you think high speed networks use for their signals, devon?

Physical media has nothing to do with the network layer protocol.
Yeah. Comparing UDP vs. optic fiber is like comparing NTFS vs. SSDs. It's meaningless.
Well since we have the option for "any sort of cable" it would make sense to use fibre optics.
Not necessarily. Have you seen the prices of NICs capable of using optic fiber?
the question could be twisted to mean more.
the question could be twisted to mean more.

That's pretty vague. Can you be more specific about what you mean?
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