Making a Video Game

Hello Everyone!

I am deciding what I should do to make a game, Unity or a web browser using JavaScript? Any suggestions would be nice to what I should use and and game ideas would be cool to thanks.
I don't have much experience with unity or JavaScript. I generally use c++ and SFML to create small games (I am still learning!). Learning and using SFML is easy. Its not an engine though. On game ideas: if you are a beginner, try to create something VERY VERY simple! Good Luck :)
Whichever one you choose, remember that browsers have dropped support for the NPAPI so make sure you use WebGL or something else recent.
If you go javascript route, you can use three.js
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Thank you guys! that is some good advice I will probably do a JavaScript game using the canvas element, maybe like a feed the caterpillar game. I will check out SFML and three.js. I will also leave this up so then I can show you at the end of my project hopefully it will turn out good. Thanks again!
You can get a nice platform game like Super Mario Bros made pretty quickly with Python and Pygame. Just a thought.
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