PC problem

Well, this is not related to c++ or code
I'm having a problem with my computer, I think someone broke into my pc or a virus
has been placed on it, specifically my browser
Everytime I open Chrome, I surf like 15 mins or something, then it gets closed
suddenly for no reason and when I open the process tab in task manager,
I find a weird program named "41q6sd74aqzd47zq54" weird and random numbers
and characters, and sometimes in another language, spanish or dutch

Can you suggest me some solutions please
I tried Malware bytes and other anti-virus programs but none of them helped
it is annoying, I think it's spyware
A good anti-spyware and malware program is "spybot: search and destroy" and there is a free version too.

The site is: https://www.safer-networking.org/

I have been using this program for over a year and I haven't had any issues with my computer.
When the strange process starts in memory: open task manager, right click on the entry and select "properties". This will give you the FQP of the binary executable that it was run from. Terminate the process and delete the executable.

Can you get a screenshot of the pop-up? It won't help to solve the problem but I'm kind of curious.
Go get a program that monitors your RAM and CPU usage. Watch what happens every time your Chrome closes in that allotted time. I'm not too sure it'll help with the problem you've got, but I had malware once in a long time back, and long story short, I searched and narrowed it down to a specific registry value.

here's a photo of the program when it pops up in the window, screenshot it individually

The process happens too fast and then gets closed quickly before I can even get access to it or view it, this is an obstruction too
amjob.exe is apparently AdWare. I would download a free virus scanner/remover and run it on your computer and let it do its job.
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God. Is it sorted now?
I'm curious to know myself if this has been solved. The right-click -> Properties solution was just a convenience thing. You can always search for the executable by name using Windows search.

If this is still an issue, check to see if it persists in "Incognito Mode". Persistent malware like this has to have a trigger, and from what you are describing that trigger is tied to a BHO. "Incognito Mode" will run Chrome without loading any BHO's so we can test to see if that is indeed the case. Another thing to look for is scheduled tasks set to run at a short time interval.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Literally every other method described so far is an exponentially more economical use of your time in regards to cleaning this infection. But too many people take the easy way out and lose out on how much can be learned from even simple malware like this. IF the infection is still an issue then a not-too-farfetched possibility is that you've been rooted by now and no number of after the fact AV solutions is going to fix that. You should start making arrangements to nuke your machine. But if you can afford a few hours I'd encourage you to study this little nuisance and try to learn a thing or two from it.
This site may be helpful 😊
This Specifically targets the infection

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Be sure to read this article. Me with my laptop it helped! It was Cerberus ransomware( It encrypts all of my pictures (((
I had the same think happen to me but i used virus program i made to get rid of it
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