IRC ##c++ Why am I banned?

I sometimes use ##c++ on freenode but for some reason, I am banned there and I cannot send messages there.
my account name is mfc.

Weird part is that I rarely talked there and I cannot remember arguing with anyone. I would like to know who put the ban and why.

Worst part is, they banned my ip too i guess and i cannot talk in that channel with different account names... to ask for help

Only reason I might have been banned could be because my net is sometimes unstable and the client joins there with mfc_ mfc__ as the previous ones ping timeout.
gentleguy, you probably got banned for providing incorrect information then arguing about it. That channel doesn't put up with it.

This website is in no way related to ##c++ @ I think I'm banned there as well for discussing modern design of a program. Seems normal but that channel is ridiculously moderated. One minute, they'll be talking about cheesecake. The next minute, they'll be banning people for not asking questions adhering to the C++ standard (like if they should choose a list or a vector rather than what a list or vector is). But they're perfectly fine with people wasting your time by leading you on.

My advice is to stay off the public IRC channels like that. You never know what you're going to get and while I'm usually pretty strict on what not to recommend, I've had far more bad than good come from the channels.
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Ok so,
problem was that I want logged in with NickServ at that time. When I did, it worked fine.

Hope it helps if anyone else experiences such a thing.
Feel free to join the discord server I created a few days ago:
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Noxzema -- I hear you, but the channel is not as bad as it used to be. Ville has chilled out quite a bit now, so unless you are giving bad information, or being a nuisance, such as obvious trolling, you should be fine. ##C is also much better than it used to be. Also, there is the always excellent #learnprogramming channel. If you have any questions about it, I'm usually on the nick nchambers, dtscode, or god.
I wasn't aware people still bothered with IRC. I used it when I first started learning to program, but not been on it in a few years now. Maybe one day I will join again.
I think I was banned in the same section. And I don't remember what was breaking the rules. Could this be due to the fact that I came in your account using proxies ( That is, with multiple ip.
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