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Is there a way to hide/change my IP address without using a proxy?

My friend has a statcounter on his blog and can see who visits it. I'd like to occasionally check out his blog, without having him know about it.

Is there a way to hide my IP address and location? Or make it look like the visitor (me) is coming from another place? I have read on https://myipservices.com that with VPN it's possible. Is it true?
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Besides a VPN:
* If you have access to a different computer (e.g. using a VPS service, or if you can login to a computer at your workplace), you can login remotely into that computer via RDP or VNC and browse the web on that machine. This is in effect equivalent to a proxy, only less efficient.
* The Tor network is designed to make it impossible (without expending an enormous amount of resources) for a server to figure out where a request is comping from. Google Tor Browser for more information. The only downside is that Tor tends to be fairly slow.
If it was too serious (it almost never is) I would recommend you to use tor, VPN will work fine if you just want to hide your IP
There's a mozilla add-on that acts like a light VPN, annonymX.
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google has a extension where you could hide your VPN/IP. For farther locations you have to pay a subscription, but there is 3 free locations you could use, such as netherland, Miami, and forgot last one
VPN can be used for this purpose. However, VPN is mostly a payed service while there are a lot of free proxy services.
You could just visit the site from someplace with free WiFi like a library or a McDonalds.
For such tasks will fit almost any proxy server, not to mention VPN. Actually, you can even use the built-in VPN browser Opera. He's not that reliable, but for your needs will do. I use https://advanced.name for serious cases, but you can use free version.
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