I'm getting hacked and I need help.

Hello guys!

I need help from someone who knows this area better.
My girlfriend's facebook is getting hacked in unusual way and I'm really mad about this situation because her facebook contains alot of emn private stuff.

For past 3 months someone has been accessing to her facebook account and reading messages and since facebook has security thing where you can see what devices are currently logged in, we have confirmed that its someone else.

One time when we were talking about 'the hacker' we made a decision to delete everything personal on it and one ofcourse changed the password but we took it back it email and I saw its ip address but since I was in horrible rush I forgot to write it down.

She is now accessing to facebook only through her phone and she recently changes her password somedays ago and now today I saw someone again in her account from windows. usually the one accessed account through phone. We now turned on a login approvals, meaning that if unknown device tries to access her account, one must get code what will be sent to my phone.

The one who is doing this everything has access to even her gmail because the one has deleted the messages from facebook what contains his ip address.

I might be a programmer but I'm completely lost and have no idea how is the one doing this and who could it be.

Her phone has been to police before, is it possible that they planted something into her phone? She's having iphone5. She has never 'jailbreak' her phone but the phone did belong to her grandma before her.

Because everytime she changes her account password in her phone, the one will know the new password without reseting it with gmail since when one request password reset, one must pick a new password.

One has never changed the gmail password, the only account one interacts with that way is facebook.

If I could get one's ip address, could I go to police with it or what are my options?

What would be the best way to get his ip in case I could do anything with it
and how to literally block all his access to her accounts.
( Probably need to get more than one in case one used vpn or public wifi or something else what is untraceable to him )

My account doesn't seem to have any suspicious activities.

Mr Master, did chu read my full story?
Facebook is not much of a help, honestly not help at all.
Change the Gmail password and then change the Facebook password. No use changing the Facebook password over and over if this person can see it in plaintext by looking at emails. Turn off the phone that has access to the email and Facebook accounts while doing this, and if possible try to use a random public computer to do it (in case the phone or your PC are compromised).
Then turn the phone back on and change the passwords. Do not log in to either account with the PC for a couple days. If the intruder returns, then you know the problem is the phone. Back up anything you need and throw it away, or perform a factory reset if possible. Personally, I would feel safer throwing it away, though.
If the intruder hasn't returned, log in with the PC (if several PCs have access to this account, log in with each of them one at a time, over several days). If the intruder returns, that PC will need to be wiped and reinstalled.
If the intruder doesn't return, then congratulations. You've defeated them.

Some security tips:
* Make sure once this is all done to use different passwords for different services. The passwords should be at least 16 characters long and random. For example: t6pWQsTmS13gro9o. Use a password manager.
* Again, do not reuse passwords across services. Sometimes web sites get security breaches and long lists of passwords or password hashes are leaked. It's easy for someone to go over one such list and try to login to a different service, trying to find the sucker who reused a password. And then all your shit is compromised.

Forget about the IP address. Unless the person is in the same country as you (which is unlikely), pressing charges will be difficult.
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Scrapping the data from the email accounts and facebook etc after a backup and then making new ones from a known trusted and clean computer is a very sound move.

Doesn't help much with what you have out there already. Most ppl would sympathise and there's no excuse for hackers, but not putting private stuff that is embarrassing or otherwise not for public use is a no-brainer. You don't have to be paranoid, but assume everything is pubic and work from there, not the other way around.

Facebook and gmail are convenient but the reality is their business plans don't include your privacy.

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kemort wrote:
Facebook and gmail are convenient but the reality is their business plans don't include your privacy.


OP wrote:
If I could get one's ip address, could I go to police with it or what are my options?

I am pretty sure you can. Almost every country (I think) have some rules against internet criminals
Thank you everyone! I'll let you guys know if there are any news.
I shall try helios way. ( I think its phone's fault. )
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