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Anybody else having problems with firefox lately

Hey guys.
Just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing problems with firefox. When I describe the problems these are things that have collectively gotten worse over the period of a year
1) The processor maxes out on different webpages (especially news sites)
2) Constantly uses 25% of the ram (I have 16 GB)
3) Printing doesn't work fully(Instead of printing symbols such as summnation it prints a letter P but shifted up a bit).

Chrome does not have any of these problems for me. I am just wondering if it is just firefox not optimized for my laptop or if the software as a whole has deteriorated.

My laptop is windows 10 i7 processor and I have automatic updates.
I have Windows 7, and I use script blocker for mine since a lot of the extra stuff slows down everything.

The only issues i've seen is mainly with cry engine games and running YouTube at the same time. MechWarrior Online + Youtube, and in an hour or so the whole graphics driver will crash. I've downgraded my graphics from 64-bit to 32-bit, and now it just takes a little longer before they combination crashes my graphics driver.

Than again, I find it's healthy for the system to shut down the browser every six hours or so just to clear out the cache, but I may be odd.

I hope that helps a little.
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