Is it wrong ....

Is it wrong to be paranoid about sharing a cool little tool I made to help myself design and make games faster?

I want to show of, I want to share, I want to help others, but I'm worried it would be shooting myself in the foot since I'm planning game design as my fallback if I lose my day job.

Paranoid about what? Somebody or some team beating me to market with the game style I'm working on, only to have the market flooded by the time I get mine done?

Seriously, I've heard of a two person studio pitching an idea for funding, only to have a clone of their game beat them to market by a month, and then not having any market share because the market doesn't want another one of their games.

So, am I wrong to be paranoid about sharing a cool little tool?

If you share that tool you cannot really complain about someone using it accordingly.

What you should do in any case is to make sure that anyone knows that you are the creator of that tool.

You can do so when you submit it to github or similar. That way you could show a potential employer your skills.
yah.. unless you have a bulletproof agreement and a team of lawyers behind it. share it at your own peril :)
I need to get into github. I don't know why I always drag my feet to get started on things I need.

As for showing to employers. I used to maintain a full website with portfolios of my work, downloadable resume's, playable games, and a promotion page of show and tell of my growth and where I am as of today. ... BUT ... no one would ever go to the page because it's against company policy.

I dropped the web site and gave up on that. If I want my old URL name back I'll have to pay $2,500 for it due to the continued traffic to it. The hell!

Therefore, I'm skeptical about a resume piece, but hell maybe github is hiring candy. I'll try it.

Or post old tools I'm not worried about ....
... BUT ... no one would ever go to the page because it's against company policy.
I don't think that it is against the company policy. They will not go there until you gained their interest and a decision has to be made. Then this could make the difference.
No it is not wrong, keep it to yourself if you think it'll be useful to you in the future. If you feel like if you release it you could get someone use it to overtake you then don't.

And who said you have to release it for open source? Maybe sell it.
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