Anyone uses a Ryzen?

I'm thinking of upgrading from my Ivy Bridge i5 to an 1800X, but I'm not sure.

First, the upgrade is gonna cost me an arm and a leg.
Second, my 3570 still runs everything more than acceptably and I seriously doubt the 1800X is gonna blow me away with its single-threaded performance. Mostly It's for the extra cores and for the prospect of 64 GB of RAM.
Third, I really, really don't want to have to run Windows 10. I'd rather move my 8.1 installation to the new machine and do without updates.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone upgraded from a similarly old system? what do you think of Ryzen's performance for development?
Went from an FX-8350 to a Ryzen 1700x. If you're looking to upgrade, and you want the best bang for your buck, go for the 1700x.

I just ran make with 16 jobs building Emscripten cmake in about ~5 minutes. Would have taken ages to finish on my old build.

(sorry I don't have hard data for you)

I'm actually probably going to do a complete rebuild in a few months, with a Threadripper. Quad Channel memory, 60 PCIe lanes dedicated to m.2 and PCIe slots. 16 core 32 thread. For gaming on top of everything else I do. Yea the single core performance isn't as good as Intel's offerings. But we're still talking strong enough performance that my CPU won't be my bottleneck on games in the near future. Oh, and it's a little over half the price of Intel's.
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In the end I decided not to upgrade. The benchmarks I found suggest the 1800X has similar single thread performance to my 3570.

How long does that make take with -j 8, compared to -j 16?
No idea. Gunna try that and report back

edit: whoops correction. Was just cmake that was built with 16 jobs. And it wasn't 5 minutes.

Not sure what I was thinking

~25 minutes in and only half way through build. But, the first 6 or 7 minutes of that was downloading stuff before it actually started building.
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I think the upgrade is a good idea and the difference should be noticable. Ryzens are not so good in single thread performance but most today applications can get advantage of more cores. I can't say what would be the actual difference between the two but as far as I know most people who "migrate" from Intel to Ryzens were happy. I think you can find some useful information there:
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