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Question about Preparation for Job Interviews


I just passed my thesis defense (for my Masters in Computer Science) last Wednesday...Pretty darn happy about that.

Now comes the fun part of applying for jobs. I think I probably need to refresh on some stuff that I didn't see in a while, namely data structures and algorithms (even though I took that class more recently). Also probably want to brush up on LeetCode, and maybe even computer organization and operating systems.

I'm wondering if I should just apply right away and possibly risk screwing up some technical question in some of my interviews, or if I should take a few weeks to brush up on core concepts? I'm probably going to be looking at general engineer positions.
Before applying make a good portfolio with your personal projects (school projects may be fine too, if they are complex enough). A great portfolio will be proof of your skills and will also make your application stand out. If you've got a github account or personal site, even better, make sure you include a link to
it in your portfolio.

Get "Cracking the coding interview" book. It helped me pass interviews at some good companies even without having a degree in CS, so that book must be worth its salt. Also check GeeksForGeeks.org, they got a large set of interview problems and questions (and answers too, with source code and explanations).

In general you may want to be very familiar with popular algorithms and data structures, as well as when they are the best used. When they ask you to make an algorithm, be sure to ask a lot of questions about details (how big is the dataset, what is it gonna used for, etc), not jump directly to write code. Maybe studying some more "exotic" practical algorithms may put you above other candidates (i.e : introsort, exponential search), but as always pay attention to details.

Another very important thing is to research the company you apply for. Be sure to know the languages they use at a good level (you may be asked pretty specific questions about language syntax and how the language works behind the scenes). Also knowing something about the frameworks may make you a more desirable candidate.
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