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Is Python The Fastest Growing Programming Language?

Python is a popular programming language that’s being adopted at a fast pace. It’s loved largely due to its simpler syntax, wide applications, and high demand. But, is it the fastest growing programming language around? While the term fastest growing can be difficult to define, Python is surely the fastest growing “major” programming language. If you take a look at the Stack Overflow Trends, it’ll clearly show its growth.

Source: https://fossbytes.com/python-fastest-growing-programming-language/
For newcomers and beginners, Python is incredibly easy to pick up and use. It's actually the most accessible programming language available. The simplified syntax with an emphasis on natural language, the active and supportive community, and the mega-corporate sponsor that's able to produce a lot of hype, advertising, and even libraries for the language, all of these factors is why python is extremely popular today.

Overall, it's a good language for beginners, so it's where a lot of young developers are getting their start.

- Just my opinion.
I'd say the most accessible programming language is Javascript which seems to be growing larger all the time due to it's requirement for client-side logic in the browser. Platforms like nw.js and Electron (which are built on-top of Node.js (which is built on V8) and Chromium's HTML renderer) only make the language more viable for use.
I say Java too.
Since Big companies r working with Systems Like Android and many others wich r just fine with Java.

Im not talking just for smart-phones or Browsers and stuff..
I saw many other tools like a mixer/refrigerator etc.. running with android.

:O ANDROID is taking the world xaxa.

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