core wars

Hi, if you are expecting to see me challenging you playing core wars, no
I am here to ask how imp works
Mov 0, 1

I know what Mov means but I don't know what the numbes mean I think 0 is the current location & 1 means the next memory address by one
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also, I appear to have created a simple code..
which appears to be only imps
more mov 0, 1
bomb dat 0, 0
	JMP bomb-1
	add #2, 1
	mov more, 1
	mov bomb
	JMP mine
end mine

despite supposing to create parrarelity between bombs and itself
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nvm , I understands all of them already...also, how do you copy all of your instructions like mice did
Sorry, when you first posted I laughed because it looked like some Japanese kid was trying to post a forum challenge of some sort but tripping over cultural stuff. :^J

What do you mean by "copy all of your instructions like mice did"?
Are you trying to get a video of what you do on the desktop?
... you know core wars ?? ??
or are you implying I need a visualization of what happened in core wars? that copy all of my instructions like mice did...I mean I need my warrior to replicate like mice did
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It seems you're assuming that everyone should just somehow know what "core wars", or "mice" is.
I have not played core wars, nor ever had any interest in it.

So... I have no idea what you are asking. If the words "mice" and "copying" have overloaded meaning in that context I cannot help. Sorry.
nvm, I found out the answer by experimenting...thank you though for visiting this thread lol
nah, of course I am not assuming...considering core wars is a really dated game...first runnig at 1980's
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