Five programming problems...

Discovered a fun blog post:

Five programming problems every Software Engineer should be able to solve in less than 1 hour

LOL. Easy peasy. (It was kind of fun, too.)
Problem 5 reminds me of that thread that popped up a few years ago of someone who wanted to find all the expressions that used a given set of binary operators and integers that evaluated to a given number. It could be solved by using the same technique and defining a special operator f(x, y) = x * 10 + y.

You know, when I think "is this person a software engineer?" I think "can they put together a solution that meets the problem requirements, ideally while taking the most precautions to avoid bugs given the time constraints?" I don't think "can they interleave two lists?"
I think a way better problem might be "using whatever language(s) you want, write a very simple client-server system. The client must have a GUI to receive user input and the server must process whatever request the client gives and reply with an answer. Suggestion: RPN calculator. Don't worry about aesthetics; it just has to work. You have {2|3} hours."
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