spammed post *do not click*

spammed post.

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1) Please stop spamming the forum with multiple posts on the same topic.

2) Why on earth did you post this in the Lounge, of all places, when this is the forum specifically for things other than C++?
I was trying to better my chances to get a quick response, but you have a valid point. Since I'm now unable to remove the post, I''ll edit the subject/code out and submit this post as spam.

Please check out my other post of about Mancala C++ Project if you have any relevant and helpful feedback regarding the code.
I was trying to better my chances to get a quick response

What you're most likely to achieve is to:

- reduce the quality of the advice you get, because it's scattered across multiple threads
- waste people's time, because they write answers on one thread that have already been said on another
- irritate people, and make them generally less inclined to help you

EDIT: But thanks for editing your OP to improve things - it's appreciated.
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