please guide me

I want to become ethical hacker and also make antivirus.Therefore i am taking online courses on how to make virus.Am i along the right path? Cause i thought to make antivirus one must know how to make virus.
Yeah, that’s one possibility.

The difference between a white/gray/black hat hacker is what mood you are in today. If you like breaking software and trying to figure out vulnerabilities and spending time using software wrong and reinstalling you OS every other day... then you might be cracker material.

JSYK, people don’t like crackers, even those who they have hired to protect their investments. Governments, in particular, consider you a security problem. As do other crackers. Regularly and loudly proclaiming your intent to learn the trade, as it were, kind of puts a target on your back. Especially if you manage to rise above the script kiddie noise.

You could just intern or hire with an AV company and learn how stuff works that way. Or study secure computing, which is a very large field. (And, IMO, much more interesting than your cracker-jack path.)

Also, hacker != cracker.

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oh ok.
Is this site good?
I learned simple codes-
Delete a virus from a folder
shutdown pc
logout pc
restart pc
destroy pc software
fork bomb(freezes software)

last two i can't try cause my laptop will get damaged :(

IMO this is not the place for anyone to help you to become a hacker. That and your earlier trolling isn't very endearing.
what trolling?

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