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There have been many spam topics with stupid links to web pages so far with the URL in the topic title. Is there any way to block such nasty posts? I didn't count how many I have reported so far..
If you report them using only the word "spam" in the reason they usually get summarily deleted and the account blocked. If you find that you've done that and the post stays up that means you don't yet have enough posts to apply the automatic deletion. In that case don't report them, just leave them alone and an older user will eventually see it and report it.
Alright. Thank you very much
Just wanted to point out the fact that this bot laid dormant for 7 years before posting again. Damn. Wish there was some better initial bot protection...
I wonder if it's possible to write an app the could delete spam posts.
They are easily detectable with a url in the topic.
Also it should not be problem to programmatically click the report button.
The problem seems to fill the following JS dialog and click OK.
Maybe someone has an idea.

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It's not clear to me that that's a bot.
In my opinion, an easiest way would be a source code revision of the board software just to block URL-named topics. Perhaps, somebody is able to do that.
If a user was capable of modifying the site source, that would be more power than moderator status, and we don't even have any moderators.
I thought that could be a job for the server administrator who is able to access the sources.
Well, Twicker already does that, obviously.
True, maybe not a bot, just someone paid to post. But I'm surprised the account was even still kept track of after 7 yeras.
Reporting spam posts doesn't block the spammer account, I am continuing to squash a on-going spam bug who keeps doing it.

Or the insect uses similar nicks. Either way I am "spamming" him with spam reports.

I am sure users here who are not in the US really care about the Super Bowl. *roll eyes*
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Well, glad someone was around to clean up the surge in spam due to the game.
As far as I'm aware, reporting does usually limit the account (I'm not sure if completely, though). But you're absolutely correct, they spammers sometimes will use very similar names so that it almost seems as if they can just keep posting. I do wish twicker would have more contact with the userbase... that bug with not being able to click the [code] tags in an OP has been around forever.
Well, glad someone was around to clean up the surge in spam due to the game.

It was fun watching the bug keep trying, post some spam and I'd *splat!*

It would take a few minutes to figure out the spam was gone, register a new account and try again.

Even though I live in the US American football BORES me.
lemme ask you guys is it worth to got to college if you know so much of c++ or any computer language??
jose23567: Don't hijack threads to ask your questions. Create your own threads to ask them.
I have just witnessed the removal of at least 5 spam topics on the lounge about some NBA livestream. This is ridiculous. Where are these spam bots coming from?
Just the other day I deleted like ten posts across several sub-boards. They've been getting more annoying lately. What's weird is that they happen most often within certain times of day, which to me suggest it's humans making those postings.

EDIT: Yup. Just deleted like 7 threads. One didn't stay up for even a single minute. I really don't know why they bother.
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A spammer is probably just someone in an apartment somewhere getting paid pennies to put link-spam across as much of the net as possible. Easy way: add links to discussion boards.

I just wanted to clarify I am not a spammer.

What I posted was relevant for C++ devs (if one would have cared to actually read it!). Yes, there was some relation to our C++ code coverage product but this doesn't make it less appropriate. The content was always technical.

But it seems that some people care more about talking bad about someone than actually taking a few seconds to read the content or see who is behind it, it is probably better not to spend time here anyway.

Reginald Stadlbauer
CEO, froglogic GmbH
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