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Translating pseudocode into Assembly Language

I need help for the first half of this assignment, translating pseudo code into assembly (Irvine32.inc). This is what the pseudo code is:

myData = [array of 20 integers]

Read in array of integers -> data saved in myData and n indicates the number of values read

while( true )

req = Request from user to enter a number 0--3

if( req == 0 )

PrintArray(myData, n)

elseif( req == 1 )


elseif( req == 2 )

K = Request user to enter a number


elseif( req == 3 )


Someone once had an assignment to help with writing assembler. So they had to write C code with only goto and simple if statements (no else if or else). Once you have that, it 's relatively easy to convert to your assembler of choice.

I also suggest breaking down the pseudo code even further, especially the function calls.

Good Luck.

PS It the end of my lunch time, so I probably won't be able to reply.
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