This site is not secure.

I am in Chrome.

The address bar says NOT SECURE before the address.

Why? Should'nt this be secured for use by students?

You have to talk to the site's administrator. He is the sole person who can address your concerns and do what is needed if the situation is warranted.

Why should it be secure? This is a forum, people chat, and ask & answer questions, not a banking site.

There is almost zero reason why CPlusPlus needs to be secure. It isn't a site that has tangible rewards for answering questions.

If you are worried that your private information might be stolen, delete your account.
Do you understand what the "not secure" actually means?

Would you explain the "secured for use by foo" a bit further?
The only valuable data this site has access to is your password, email, and username.

Therefore the only real implication of not secure on this site is that you should not use the same password for your accounts on this site as you do for other accounts, especially your e-mail, or accounts associated with your email.

Of course you should never do this anyways because it makes third-party systems a single point of failure, but you're asking for serious trouble if you do this here. I consider this the most serious problem with this site, probably the first thing that needs to be fixed by @admin.
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