Announcing .NET Standard 2.1

.NET Core is the open source, cross-platform, and fast-moving version of .NET. Because of its side-by-side nature it can take changes that we can’t risk applying back to .NET Framework. This means that .NET Core will get new APIs and language features over time that .NET Framework cannot. At Build we showed a demo how the file APIs are faster on .NET Core. If we put those same changes into .NET Framework we could break existing applications, and we don’t want to do that.

Has anyone used it here ?
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.NET Standard, .NET Core, and .NET Framework...I wish Microsoft would be a little less confusing. I wish I had a better idea of where Microsoft is actually going in general, let alone with .Net...It is getting tiring wrestling with the beast.

Thomas1965 wrote:
Has anyone used it here ?

Do you mean Standard, what the announcement was about, or Core, what your quote is about?
I mean .NET Core.
This sheds some light on it.
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I do understand the relationships in .NET, I just find Microsoft docs can be a little...spaghetti. I'm dyslexic, that adds another level of complexity.

I've spent a little too long with my head down in desktop C#/.net framework and I'm trying to workout where things are going. Currently looking whether to invest some quality time into C++/WinRT for Universal Windows Platform. (I think I would like to move away from .NET)

I've only had a quick 'look' at .NET Core while looking at so no real use in anger.
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Currently looking whether to invest some quality time into C++/WinRT for Universal Windows Platform.
Are you sure that's wise? UWP strikes me as just another step in the Microsoft technology treadmill, that'll eventually go the way of MFC, Silverlight, etc.
helios wrote:
Are you sure that's wise?

No. ;0)

...but then Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs is designed to provide you with first-class access to the modern Windows API (not Win32). I have also seen Microsoft docs that seem to talk about UWP as if it is the new 'Windows' but also that it is a spec for what is available on the different Windows 10 platforms...

All I know for sure is I preferably want to move away from .NET and I'm not interested in web programming.

Why don't you like .NET ?
It makes windows programming so much easier, compared to other languages.
Thomas1965 wrote:
Why don't you like .NET ?

It's more that I'm board with it. I know it's capable but to me it's getting too much like 'Lego' programming, just plugging bits together.

I might look at going back to embedded development/IoT
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