Anyone here familiar with PHP?

The desired output is:


Page to go to: [_____________]

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(All the entries would go here.)

However, no entries put in in think.php are recorded here.


(It would be entry.php?pgnum=<some number>)
(Page title is whatever $title is)
(Blah bee blah bee blah, whatever $entry is)

However, on the highlighted lines (7 and 8 of entry.php), I get an error saying that one of the parameters is not a valid MySQL result resource.

And for think.php, it doesn't seem to be writing to the database.
There is some sort of error in your query. You can test for a valid result several different ways...

if(!$result = mysql_query(...))
      echo mysql_error();

Will provide more details as to why the query failed.
Couldn't you do mysql_query(...) || die(mysql_error());?
Edit: Or would it be mysql_query(...) or die(mysql_error());? I can't remember.
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I don't like using die() cause it doesn't let you clean up the html page. Basically aborts script execution at the point it's called.
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