Good books for JavaScript & Python?

Hi. I've been dabbling with C++ for a while now and would now like to explore other languages. I've settled with Python and JavaScript. Can anyone recommend me some awesome books? Preferably something that teaches good semantics and syntax. A HUGE plus would be if the book also introduced standard library for that particular language.

Also, if anyone can recommend me some low-level C++ projects, that'd be cool too. I'm not too sure what can be considered low-level C++, but I've played around with SFML. All the projects so far in my data structures class has been way too easy. So far in that class, we've created our own containers based from the standard containers from vector.h, list.h, and a few other small things.
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Can't really say much about Python and JavaScript books. I've only ever bought and/or read three books on JavaScript...never felt the need to get any more but then I don't feel the need to do too much JavaScript.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
by David Flanagan

JavaScript: The Good Parts
by Douglas Crockford

JavaScript Patterns
by Stoyan Stefanov

Python is something I haven't got around to yet...


For a something with mazes. Load a png of a maze. Convert it to something you can process/solve. Implement data structures and algorithms to solve the maze. Implement them to generate mazes. Animate the solution 2D/3D...generate a 3D maze, etc etc...
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