Light and dark themes...

I'm curious as to what people think of these general.

Dark themes seem to be all the rage but for me my eyes go squiffy and I get a headache after a short period of use. I do like a dark theme for photo manipulation apps with minimal chrome and maximised image canvas.
Dark themes are the only acceptable themes. Anything else would be considered a huge injustice.

The unpopular opinion is that it just boils down to preferences, but if you mention this, you are more likely to be labeled a heathen.
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Acceptable for you, maybe, fiji, you'd find a fist upside your nose if you tried to even hint what my theme(s) had to be.
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Dark themes seem to be all the rage

Never been one to go with the "cool kids" crowd.

Light themes work for me. I would never tell others what theme they are required to have.

Don't like what I have on my personal computer? That matters only if you are the government or a big software conglomerate dictatorship run on a cult of personality by a former CEO who did his apotheosis for the faithful.
I prefer the light when I'm working. But if I'm in the dark, I tend to use the program called "flux" that limits the intensity of the screen for all applications (actually, drowns out blues/violets or something like that).
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I tend to prefer light during the daylight hours, and dark during the night time hours.

My websites (and html documentation) always have an option to control light or dark theme in the upper-right corner. And, except for people in China where clocks are government-mandated to be off a couple of hours, some of them can pretty closely guess your ambient light level and choose for you. ;o)

A few mainstream websites are beginning to catch on and provide light/dark themes as well. (YouTube, for example.)

Too bad browsers refuse to accept that some people don’t like being blinded late at night. (I’ve complained to various browser gurus before about the default white background flash, and been told, basically, tough, that’s the way it is, and it would be too much grief to change it. —Which is a load, because I can’t imagine the white color to be so thoroughly hardcoded throughout the code base as to make it that hard a change...)

In the meantime, there are always plug-ins to darken any site — limited as they are. (Especially because they cannot eliminate that obnoxiously blinding refresh flash.)
I'm more of a dark themed person. If I stare at black text on a white screen (with my bigger monitor rather than my laptop screen) I find myself having to look away for a minute and look back, don't like it much. Even on Visual Studio I have it set to dark theme, can't imagine coding without a dark theme and VS's dark theme is really nice <3.

I tried out Windows dark theme, but it wasn't good at all, went back to the normal light theme. Until they can make it smooth and nice I wont use it.
I tried out Windows dark theme...
I've found that Office 365 has a Dark Gray theme that seems to be good for would be good to have this as an option on all Microsoft products.

On my phone, I go through phases of using a colour filter to take all the colour out and just have grey's quite refreshing not having the bright colours vying for my attention.
Youtube dark theme is easy to get used to, as is VS dark theme, they're probably good for your eyes too
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