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<nothing of any importance>
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I admit that I don’t understand your point. Are you just poking fun at a really stupid code change example?
> That's it?!? Retrieve the environment strings using a different TCHAR array?

The original code was wrong; this is a straightforward bug fix.

Look carefully at line 30 (which modifies pVarBlock) and then at line 32 (which frees pEBlock)

"The pointer to the block must be obtained by calling the GetEnvironmentStrings function."
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<nonsense elided>
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Always check book code for errata.

"...The function uses the GetEnvironmentStrings function to receive a pointer to the environment block, and the FreeEnvironmentStrings function to free this block. As you can see within the code, the function stores the results of GetEnvironmentStrings into pVarBlock, and then later passes this variable to FreeEnvironmentStrings. The problem is, is that pVarBlock is modified in the meantime..."

Bit slow looking for the errata...
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I see only the experts here can rant about something without getting beaten up.

I'm not sure what happened, but none of the replies sound like they're "beating you up". Maybe you're taking things too personally.
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Well I didn't expect FurryGuy to quit...over nothing.

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Coming back later today... I admit total bewilderment.

FurryGuy appeared to be laughing at two pieces of code, which I, admittedly, didn’t read close enough to see that they were importantly different. I laughed too.

Why are you rage quitting?

I don’t know that I really consider myself an “expert” at C++, but I know enough that, meh, close enough. That doesn’t stop people from treating me like dirt. Right off the top of my head I could post at least three examples of high-and-mighty a-holes picking a stupid-bone with me over at another well-known forum. (Not to mention some recent crap that went down here when I spoke my mind.)

I can also post a very recent example (yesterday!) where I was corrected for being wrong (on a non-coding subforum of said well-known forum), and the people correcting me were even nice about it.

This forum does not allow me to see pre-edit stuff, so I really don’t know what was said, but...

Pick yourself up and knock off the mope.

Hope to see you around.
Yeah dude you should come back!
come back!

I assume, only few experts waste their time here.
Ouch. i was wondering who it was I was seeing posts from made by a closed account. I always saw FurryGuy's replies around the forum.

#include <FurryGuy>

int main()
           std::cout << ":(";
           //Depression. He was the only Furry on the forum ;-;
Just what the hell happened here?

*Note to self*

1. Do not leave open a half-edited new topic for an extended time.

2. Do not create a new topic when feverish from a prolonged nasty bug.

3. Do not have my cousin (and a very cruel "practical joker" 'friend') visit to beg for a favor when sick.

4. Do not let others near my computer when I don't remember what's happened since last Wednesday.

Why are you rage quitting?

I didn't. Someone else did, for me apparently.

Even in my most feverish delusions I wouldn't do a rage-anything. It just ain't me.

Long story short, you guys are gonna regret begging for me to "come back!" :D
OMG he got your account deleted? He got dedication. I heard there are good tutorials on the internet to learn how to torture a human being, just thought I'd mention ;)
Deleting/closing an account is easy, when logged in.

I don't log out normally because I am the sole user on my computers. My cousin's "friend" saw an opportunity to be an ass and took it. Writing the garbage in this thread, editing the posts and closing out the account.

If'n I hadn't been at death's door from whatever is still kicking my butt I doubt any of this would have happened.
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Get on to the admin and get your account reinstated...
I kinda like the idea of a fresh start.

It'll keep me honest.

Besides, I didn't exercise proper security over my account, so having to begin again is a reminder to not let it happen again.
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et on to the admin and get your account reinstated...

If I do that, I'll wait until I have gotten over this bug. I still am not operating at 100% efficiency.

Here in the US of A (you’re in CA, right?), what your cousin’s friend did is actually criminal.
Tell your cousin that he/she ought to inform the “friend” that you are considering pressing charges, which could result in jail time.

(It probably isn’t worth your time to actually do anything, but you could.)

Yeah but you probably have to be god himself to win such a case. You're going to both waste time and become a devil in your cousin's friend's eyes at the same time.
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