Currency Converter Web Server App

Hi, everyone.

I followed this tutorial series by Brad Travery on making a Responsive Portfolio Website: and used the code given to create my own portfolio website: (Brad himself said in one of the videos that we're allowed to do this because all of the code is already available open source on GitHub).

On the My Work page of my website, the first app is the Google Maps+currency converter web server application I made, with the server written in C++ using Boost.Beast ( ), a HTTP/S and WebSockets library relying on Boost.ASIO. I also used Nlohmann.JSON ( ) for the JSON functionality and Jinja2Cpp ( ) for the HTML template stuff I needed. The app itself is hosted on my own laptop, and because I won't always be running, I wrote JavaScript code that makes a GET request to the application in order to check if it's reachable or not; if it's reachable, it'll report that it's running. The URL for the app is .

I still want to continue learning JavaScript and C++ (there are a lot of things I don't know much about I think), but in the middle of that I also want to get some freelance work. So the more people who find out about my portfolio site, the better. It's because I want to learn from the experience of doing some actual work, too.
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