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Psychological benefits of online games with GamesBX

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Well, I was about to click "submit" on the report spam dialog, but...

I couldn't bring myself to do it. Somehow it is just too shiny to summarily dismiss...

Well done, sir. Well done.
Someone else reported the topic, and you as well.

Now, THAT'S Comedy! :D
We know hardly anything, if not nothing, about "GamesBX". Regarding video games in general, I haven't found myself needing to play them, not at all. Just another casual habit that other people do, from my view.

EDIT: Come to think of it, I don't seem too fond of the idea of buying an "entertainment box" (games consoles, tv boxes are good for keeping children occupied ALL DAY), they may well be called a "futile box"
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Hmmmmmm, now your report flag is gone, :D.

Curiouser and curiouser.
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Just another casual habit that other people do, from my view.

A way of life actually *meditates*

I don't seem too fond of the idea of buying an "entertainment box"

PC master-race as the weirdos on the internet say.
Dang now I wish I could've seen it! Wonder if google cache has it somewhere...
It is possible that OP was simply trying to tell us about stuff he wrote.

The trick was he wrote an entire post as an advertisement for it all, but with no links.
The link to the site was in his profile.

So, it is entirely possible I simply offended someone trying to show off his stuff.
For future reference, people, don’t try to sell us stuff with advertisements. It would have been much better to simply say something like:

  Hey guys! Check out the cool games I wrote!
  I spent a lot of time on them and like some feedback.
  Do they work? Do you like them?
  What would you change if you could? (Be nice, now.)
  <Exposition about how I learned C++ and what got me into programming games, my goals, etc>
  I hope you enjoy.
    — MrGamesBX

(I don’t remember what his original username was, but it was something like that.)

I tend to ignore spam, so I don’t know if there is a spam goal behind hiding the link in the profile (I seem to recall reading something about that before...).

OP, if you are still out there (and you aren’t a filthy spammer), come back. I didn’t mean to be such a jerk.
I didn't remove the OP since the thread was already replied to by the time I saw it, but the link in the profile was from the same site that is used by other (albeit sports- or snake oil-related) posts. I have never seen that site used legitimately in a post on this site. I don't have the original username either, but my guess is the account isn't de-activated yet, so they could post again.
"Psychological benefits with [product]"? I mean come on, there are a thousand better ways to reword that if it wasn't spam.
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...which was kind of my point. Thank you.
I was the one who reported the post. I was kind of hoping Duthomhas would catch on and delete his post so the thread would go away, but oh well.
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I was gonna, but others posted before I could delete.
Now that I own the topic, maybe I'll have some fun with it.
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Suuuure, blame me for the fine mess.

Call me Stanley.
Hmm, it won’t let me edit the topic.

Sorry Stanley.
maybe I'll have some fun with it.
An abyss of possible random questions has opened!

1)When surrounded by your relatives on the bed which will likely be where you never raise from again, will you have rehearsed your last words? (unless you kick the bucket another way, hopefully not by your own hand)

2)What are 50 less, orphaned, mere consumers on the planet anyway?

3)Optimistic or Pessimistic for the ensuing decades of this homely planet, mainly it's race.
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Keep in mind that if we discuss the potential pyschological benefits of online games with GamesBX, we should also discuss the psychological benefits of online games without GamesBX. Y'know, as a control.

Surely we should also discuss the psychological benefits of not online games with GamesBX, and the psychological benefits of not online games without GamesBX. That way we'll have the complete picture.
How does getting stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the Indian ocean with GamesBX compare to calling a plumber to unclog your pipes without GamesBX, psychologically speaking?
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You get stung and you pull out a game to pass the time.

You call the plumber without GamesBX and now you have to watch him dig around your pipes.
Well, I bought a new front tire for my motorcycle, and went to pull the wheel off, and discovered that I need a 1" socket. Sadly, the largest I have on hand is 7/8".

So... i need another trip into town to get it, and I'm still riding on a really, really old tire that I'm afraid will fail at any time.

Don't die, though maybe it'll get the adrenaline pumping and make the ride more exciting. Now, if you go into town with GamesBX!
Front tires are tricky. If you blow it while at speed you'll very likely crash. You can't control a single track vehicle without traction on the front.
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